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This is a collection of links to embedded implementations of cryptographic algorithms and related stuff available on the web.

Software, 8-bit

Crypto Libraries

AVR-Crypto-Lib (symmetric only)

AVR CryptoLib (symmetric + 64-bit RSA)

8051 and AVR Cryptolibrary (symmetric only: Skein, Threefish, TEA/XTEA, SEA, SkipJack)

AVR implementations

AES on AVR by B. Poettering (assembly, 3 flavours) (also Java implementaitons of AES and SHA-256:

AES for AVR by C. Roepke, Bochum (assembly)

Implementations by G. Meiser, Bochum (AES in AVR assembly, Present in C and Python)

RSA on AT90S4414 (assembly, 8-bit modulus only :-) )

PIC implementations

PIC18 RSA implementation (C, stripped-down BigDigits, quite portable)

Another PIC18 RSA implementation (dedicated assembly, 32- and 64-bit versions)

DES and MD5 implementation for PIC16 (same author as above)

Other implementations by the same guy (TEA, A5/1, etc.):


TinyECC for TinyOS

General Crypto Libraries

BigDigits Library (well-portable C code, suitable for 8-bit uC's)

Lists of crypto libraries:,


IP Cores @ Cryptographic Hardware Project, Tohoku University (symmetric, RSA)

Open cores (some crypto cores available)